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Popular eCommerce Websites Design Platforms To Choose From

When you are set to choose the right eCommerce platform which suits your website, getting the right type of platform can be very challenging and complex. The task is not difficult when you talk to qualified and experienced people in the field, there are many options with varieties of features and price ranges to choose from. But the baseline is about what exactly does your website needs, once you have determined what exactly your site requires then you can choose the right type of eCommerce platform, here are some of the most popular functional eCommerce platforms you can choose from;

Enterprise eCommerce:

These type of platform is used in very large and robust online stores which requires a professional and strong platform, some of such platform include magento platform and others in the range. Such platforms are a reserve of large and fast growing outfits; it comes with many functionality and robust features. The magento platform is usually a very fast and easily navigable platform, though it also comes with more investment.

Hosted Platforms:

Hosted platforms are usually easy to maintain type of platforms; they are user friendly and trendy to adopt at very affordable costs. Hosted platform only requires some monthly fees to the host company; it’s easily designed and built in real time. Some popular hosted eCommerce platforms are; Big-commerce, Highwire, Shopify and Magento Go. It involves paying a monthly fee for both hosting and platform just in one company; this is very convenient for start-ups and medium company or small businesses.

Open Source:

Open Source platforms are easily accessible since they can be downloaded free of charge to use, this type of platform is user friendly and easy to install without too much device requirements. Common OS platforms include osCommerce, Magento’s Community Edition and others. They are also characterized by strong presence of user’s community making it easy to get answers, they are disadvantaged since they don’t have customer’s support or very limited if available. Installing it to your own server can be very challenging too.

Woo Commerce:

Woo Commerce is another easy to use and freely available, it’s one of the most well known and accessible Word Press eCommerce Plugin. It is downloaded for free with all nice and colorful features to help any small to medium online stores, it fits well in the Word Press self hosted website.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the right eCommerce platform, but it’s just the right thing to consider getting advice from the experts. Qualified web designers are able to consult with you to get the right platform which suits your site.

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